What is web designing A – Z Web Designing Guide Tutorial part 01

Web Site Designing Guide A-Z

Web designing, of course one of the major part of the World Wide Web, We call it User Interface Designing.This is the guidance for the web designers. I hope to give you a better guide on A to Z web designing. This is the first article of the web designing articles series.

Hope this would be helpful you all as web designers, i put my own experience here with the getting starting on web designing….In this tutorial we gonna talk about majorly how to get start designing a web site & keep going through the major parts of designing !

As a web designer, you may have follow many methods of designing web sites… but some times got messed up with them too…. so here i’ll explain how to do it perfectly with correct guidance !

Here we go for the challenge !

So at the very first step, lets have a look on “what is web designing?” Is that only just Designing for web sites? Hope your answer would be YES, but it’s not at all…

The web site is the place that the site owner ( Seller/ Person ) and the visitor ( Buyer/ Customer ) connecting surface…. So that there are much things to be consider….Basically You should care on these major points

Major steps of Design Web Site :

  1. Requirements Gathering
  2. Mockup designing
  3. wire framing
  4. psd designing
  5. applying styles
  6. design finalizing

And This is the Special Key points to make it Superb !

  • what is the audience
  • what are clients requirements
  • How attract the visitor
  • Supplying a better content
  • Keeping the simplicity & the clean
  • keep the site consistency + etc….


As the designers, This question is very important,…you may be a freelance web designer, or you may be a student,,,, any how,,, the starting point is …Here we go for the next major step !

01 Requirements Gathering

# Listen to the client who you gonna be making a web site….

First listen to his story… he will give you a better intro about his web site & how it should be,,, keep in mind customer satisfaction is the main goal of you,, The customer will explain, what he needs to be done..gather the data into some peace of paper & start brainstorming on it….

This is the first step of your project… & don’t ever try to skip this… If you skip this, You would waste your time much on Project achievement.

** Im saying this, Because of the most of you start designing web sites, without understanding the clients needs,,,.. after you made a site design with hard working 3 -5 hours.. customer might be refused your design….the reason is your design is only your idea.. NOT the client’s needs.

Conclusion :

Start your web project with a good foundation. Understand the clients needs. Give them a better solution which he is looking for and not what you want. So this is the first major step of this tutorial Guide.. Lay a better foundation with this fact & keep Moving with the Next tutorial !

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