web development best practices – web developer carrier guide !!!

best practices for web development

best practices for web development

Hi Guys, im here to share my personal experience on web development carrier, with you ! Managing you carrier life is a must as a web developer if you want to be success in your web development carrier. so i’ll share some useful tactics to follow for a better managing your works!

#01 Note Down what you DO | what you DID | what you are GOING TO DO ?

This will be more easy you to handle your daily works as a web developer. Noting down will help us to have a good concentration on the works and stay focused. Then you will be able to increase your productivity too.

#02 Keep tracking your carrier improvements weekly.
Here i mainly focused on keeping your Knowledge up to date with new industry updates.  Then you can be more confidence on the things you do as a professional web developer.

#03 Write your daily journal.

Writing your daily journal as a web developer will make more confidence on your carrier goals.. stay focused on it. Here you can note down.. what you have learn on the following day.. and what to do and what to avoid as best practices of web development. Then you can be more productive day by day gradually.

#04 Keep short term Goals.

Keeping short term goals also a very important fact to be more productive with your day to day works. You can set some goals like, learning a new programming language within next 90 days and It will be enjoyable too.

#05 Finish what you start !

As web developers we always love to move with our own coding projects. Like jquery plugins, web application tools. We always get more ideas on our mind and quickly start with them. The thing is not completing them totally. It’s okay to set your app in versions. But commit with your best & complete it.

#06 Move with the Technology.

you can subscribe to world known web developers via their twitter, facebook, newsletters and follow them. You can get most industry relevant updates quickly. Another way of moving with technology is join with some web development communities around the world.

So Guys.. hope you got some tips on web development best practices for a better carrier. see you with a new article. – @Codydmd

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