Web Designers Color Chart Guide !

Web Designers Color Chart Guide

Most Of the web designers are getting stuck on Choosing better colors for their Designs. So As i had the same trouble  I was searching on this issue. Then Found some useful resources which are wonderful to use for your next web project.

So i though to share these things with you all as i always do.

01 colorshemerdesigner com

This is a greatest tool which is almost free to use i found in the web for Making the better Design works with right colors. You can use this tool as many ways. if you are currently choose only two color design or many colors you can predefined that option and make some mixture on those colors with very sensitive adjustments.
URL : http://colorschemedesigner.com/

02 ColorLovers com

This is an another great tool for a well chosen colored Good design. As you are are using this web service You can create your own color pallets too. There are many color pallets for any design works which are made by the Designers all over the world.
URL : http://www.colourlovers.com 

03  colorpicker 0.9 (Chrome Extension)

The Color picker 0.9 is the best tool for experiment your web site with color changes. It is a cool tool i have ever use as a web designer. It made me very easy on doing experiments of web site color changes applying in Live with the web browser. Just try this google chrome extention for the best practises on web designs.
URL : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/colorpicker-09/jegimleidpfmpepbfajjlielaheedkdo?hl=en

So hope this would help somebody with web desging and other design stuff too. Im cody dmd. Web Designer / Developer.  Catch me on twitter @codydmd ! have a good day !

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