Special features of Chrome Web Browser !

Special features of Chrome Web Browser

No doubt about it Here i’m gonna show you a special feature of Chrome Browser. If you are a chrome User, this cheats for you.


01 Different Logins with one Browser (same time). 

Just open your Google chrome Web Browser & point to the settings Button, which is located in Top right corner. Then just follow the option Named, Newincognito Window ! The Short cut Keys are, Ctrl + SHIFT + N. That’s it, Then you can login through the old browser window & New Browser window with different Logins.

02 Copy Paste Only Text (Without Format)

This is a cool trick when you can use to copy some data from a web page to a external Document editor like MS Word, LibreOffice etc. just select the text on the web page and press Ctrl + C as usual and press Ctrl + Shift + V on your favourite Document editor. This will help you to paste the content with default font format in any document editor.

03 Pin it

This is an awesome tool which google chrome offers you. when you have some special browser tabs which you always keep touching there is a option call “PinIt” on the Chrome Browser. To Get this feature just right click on the browser tab you want on the google chrome and click on the opion call “Pin It”. it will make a special tab which is besides to left side and have a only the favicon with stable tab mood.

04 Do maths on the browser address bar

Its very fast way to do some math on a addressable of the browser. you can use this feature as a alternative of a calculator. You don’t need to open any calculator applications while you are surfing the web and when you in need of calculating some math stuff.

Hope this article would be help you with your day to day tasks and Enjoy it with faster working environment by improving your working Productivity. Thanks for reading this and See you on next article on Shot Focused !

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