How to install Sublime text 2 Code editor Via Linux Command line !

As a web developer you must care about a code editor,  Yes of course its a part of your coding carrier life. So as im a web developer, this is a major part which i cared most. cause i love coding in my own style. so that is a great support to have a nice syntax highlighted & with best functionalities performed code editor.

best code editor

shot foucsed web development guide

Choosing a code editor is your choice. But i’d like to tell you that, try different code editors & then choose the best !

Here i thought to introduce a better code editor which im using for my coding projects. Its named Sublime text 2. This was awesome for my projects !

Okay then lets have a look at how to install sublime text 2 on your linux os,


01st step is adding the ppa repository to your system,

open a terminal and type the code bellow

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/sublime-text-2; 


02nd step is to update the repository details on your system,

so that follow the below command

sudo apt-get update


03rd step is install the sublime text 2

follow the below command in the terminal for it

sudo apt-get install sublime-text


Thats it, you are done with Sublime text 2 Code editor ! EnjoY !

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