How to choose a outstanding Website Domain for your next project !!!

When thinking about a new web project no dout about that a major role is choosing a better domain. So here i thought to share some secrets of choosing a outstanding domain.  There are few unique techniques that you can follow I list bellow.

choose a better domain

#01 Keyword rich domain

Having keywords in your domain name is a very important thing if you care about the incoming traffic. It helps you to outstanding on search engine results. Specially there are some algorithms which search engine use when they producing there search results.

#02 easy to remember

If your domain is short and meaning full, it will be easy for the visitors to remember and can be shared with friends easily without misspellings. So it will increase your traffic further too.

#03 Check the availability Immediately

Here are some very useful web services for checking domain availability very fast way. i’ve listed few of them bellow.

External link 1 :
External link 2 :

#04 Make a quick research !

Another major part of this is making a research. How to do it?, here is the way i do it. Firstly i keep searching on the Google Seach engine with preferred keywords. eg : web developer. Then you can see many related web sites with Optimized search results. You can get a idea on it too. Another way is using the Google keyword tool. you can see how people search things and what are the special keywords that they search !

#06 Checking for expired cool domains

If you have look on the domains which has been expired you will find many great domains. And there is an another chance of having free traffic by old shared links. you will get that traffic with no effort !

External link 3 :
Extrernal link 4 :

** Hope this cool tips will help you on The  Domain of Your next Web Site Project ! Subscribe to SHOTFOCUSED for more cool Tips and tutorials !

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