How Not To Be Hacked on Facebook !

How Not To Be Hacked on Facebook !

Social Networking is like a part of our Lives in this Tech Era. Every people enjoy on sharing their stuff with friends. And to make new friends too… As you move on Social Networking Facebook is the Giant Social Media Network in the world. So i though to write few lines about social media security.. of Facebook.. how to avoid being hacked on Facebook.

So as the first step you shout confirm your account settings. This is a one of major reason for being hacked on Facebook. And the most of the people doesn’t know how to do it perfectly.
There are few steps you can change for your Facebook profile security.

  1.  create a secure password – always use a 8-10 characters for  the password including numbers and “}($” signs.
  2.  Turn on HTTPS browsing when it is possible – to do it, just log in to you account
    Account Settings -> Security Settings ->Secure Browsing -> Edit
  3.  Use a Different email address for the contact details
  4.  Activate the mobile phone and configure for log in approvals
  5. Use a special secret question which is only you know and can’t guess by anyone (including your close friends).
  6. Don’t share your most personal information on Facebook.
  7. Don’t allow any unknown Games, Apps !.

Hope you Guys got some knowledge of security issues on Facebook. Thanks for reading. See you on Next Tutorial on Shotfocused Web Blog !

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