“Geany” the powerful code editor for web development, features and Best practices.

Geany the powerful code editor for web development. Best practices and features.

best practices and features of the Geany open source code editor which is totally free.

Weapon is the main tool for the soldiers, Like wise The code editor is the main tool for web developers. So guys, today I thought to share my bullet proof web development techniques to improve your faster coding experience.

Here I came across many code editors and finally stopped at the editor called “Geany”, which is open source and a faster IDE for web development.

I was wondered, when I saw the possibilities of this IDE and its features and really felt lovely with it.

No more talks, let’s get in to the action.


#01 Customize the theme (apply themes or make your own)

how to customize geany code editor theme image.

you can customize the theme as you like with the colors what ever you want.

You can select the color theme for the code editor here. (Syntax highlighting colors and the code editor background colors)

Goto  (View-> Change Color scheme)


You can create your own custom Theme for Geany with this Online tool.

eg : for php/xml languages http://geanycolourscheme.xtreemhost.com/filetypes/index.php?edit=filetypes.xml

(save the file in to the “fieldsets” folder [home/configure/geany/fieldefs] )


#02 Enable file browser on side bar.

This add a file browser tab to the side bar.

(tools -> Plugin manager -> file browser [tick = enable])


#03 Enable auto-complete tags/ brackets /tags

Enable auto-complete tags/ brackets /tags

setting up the code editor for tags / brackets auto complete on typing.


#04 Setup your own code snippets

  1. Add your code snippets (Goto Tools -> Configuration files -> snippets.conf)
Setup your own code snippets easily.

Setup your own code snippet for getting faster with coding.

Add your code snippets here according to the file type (eg: php, js)


  1. Cursor skip for snippets

Here further you can configure the cursor moving inside the snippet code with short-cut keys in following way.

Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Key bindings and set the short-cut for “Move cursor in snippet” (ctrl+tab).


#05 Disable extra options (un-wanted features, buttons)

Customize the tool bar and menu options.


Disable extra options (un-wanted features, buttons)

Disable extra options (un-wanted features, buttons) of the code editor


#06 Install plugins.

Install “Geany plugins” at here (geany plugins download) and enable automatic code backup option by following below steps.

  1. backup every code changes you do for the files (Geany plugin)

    edit->plug-in preference -> save actions -> backup copy

    and change the default code backup folder if needed.

  2. Highlight same keywords on single keyword highlight.

    tools -> plugins manager -> addons -> preferences : tick “mark all occurence..”

  3. Enable other plugins : such as “pair tag highlighter” etc.


#07 Use scribble for todos / tasks / notes

You can use this feature for Todo notes section when coding on complex projects.

Use scribble for todos / tasks / notes

scribble is best for complex projects to manage todo’s.


#08 Bookmarking code lines.

Use marker for line bookmarking can make easy to navigate quickly between “code lines” you are currently working on. Best practices : use keyboard short-cut CTRL + “,” & CTRL + “.” for next, previous bookmarks.

enable bookmarking : simply click on the spot between the line number and the code editor.


#09 Using templates feature.

Use templates feature for ready-made templates.

geany templates folder [home/config/geany/templates/files] and load them via File-> New with template -> template_name.php).

** enable hidden folder (config) using Super key + H short-cut.


#10 Setting-up shortcut keys.

Set Key-bindings -> ctrl + shift + s for “save as” command. More info is here.


#11 Add tags to geany “tags” folder and load them from there.

Here you can use jquery and other pre-made tag libraries as suggestions while you are coding. So you don’t have to remember all the methods.

Here is a collection of “tag libraries”. (download them and add them to the geany “tags” folder [home/config/geany/tags] and load them via Tools-> load tags).


There are many more features like this and you are welcome to Share your best practices and techniques you use with Geany code editor as comments bellow, and how you became a faster with coding !

Stay tuned for latest updates on web development.

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